Georgia State Parks Employment

State parks can be referred to as a park that is protected and preserved to keep the natural beauty of the state. Different personnel with different knowledge are employed in the state park to guard and manage the park. Some of the current employment opportunities in Georgia are the park rangers. 

The Georgia state park rangers are the most common job type in state parks. They are trained personnel specially mandated to protect the forest, the vegetation and the wildlife that may be present in the park. They are always in constant patrol to protect the forests and the compound around the park.

The state park rangers have a lot of knowledge and background understanding of the park, and hence they are used by the management to answer questions that may arise from the tourists who visit the specific parks. They are also involved in the rescue program in case an emergency arises. This is to create the name of the Georgia state park hence tourists from all other parts of the country and the world will feel safe to visit the Georgia state park.

 To be able to secure a job opportunity at a Georgia state park, you need to be a professional and have undergone some training. To be on the upper hand, you should have undertaken a bachelor’s degree in fields like forestry, zoology or general biology. 
For the proper operation of any state park, there is a need to hire a number of professionals on a permanent basis. Some of the mandatory posts include rangers, administrative assistants, sales managers, archaeologists, resource managers, interpreters, and park technicians.
Anybody with some of the some stated profession should not shy away from seeking Georgia state parks employment, as the demand for employees is always there.

The Best Franchises in Georgia

If you are interested in finding a quality franchise to start in Georgia, there are many options to consider. Whether you want to serve food, clothing, or cleaning services, it’s up to you. There are so many different options to choose from. Many well-known franchises do very well here, namely places like Arby’s, Popeyes, and Church’s Chicken. The Holiday Inn Express is another franchise that’s a great option because millions of people travel to the United States every year, Atlanta specifically as they have one of the busiest airports in the world. Here are some of the best franchises in Georgia to consider.

5. Arby’s

Arby’s is the second largest sandwich restaurant brand that is known all over the world. They are established in numerous countries and have thousands of restaurants. If you want a trusted name, this is one of the best. They are currently offering great incentives like their waived franchise fee, which is usually more than $30k and only a 1% royalty agreement for the first year. Their worldwide sales continue to grow, meaning it’s a great opportunity to go with a franchise that offers top value. The estimated initial investment for such an operation is expected to range anywhere from $300k to $900k or more.

4. Holiday Inn Express

This is a great franchise to go with because the Holiday Inn Express is known all over the world as well. They are a trusted quality hotel that families trust for their stay wherever they might be. There are many people who travel to Georgia, and they are always going to be looking for a place to stay. The Holiday Inn Express option is one that likely will always see demand for this reason. There is a franchise fee for this one, roughly $50k and again an initial investment that would take thousands to get the establishment up and running. There is also a royalty fee between 5 and 6 percent.

3. Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

This is one of the most popular restaurant chains around, and they’ve got thousands of locations. If you want a great QSR to consider, this might be the best one. To go with this operation, you’ll need a net worth of around $500k to become the owner of any Popeyes, and the investment could take tens of thousands, even up to $1 million to open your first store. It’s a more expensive option, but it’s got great value and years of experience in providing great products to the market. You can’t go wrong with selling some delicious chicken, and Popeyes is a great restaurant with a great brand. It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a good QSR option.

2. Jimmy John’s

This is one of the best sandwich shops in the entire country and you could own your very own. They make incredible food and also provide catering service and delivery for their fantastic sandwiches. It’s one of the fastest-growing chains, and they’ve been around for years now – since 1983. It takes at least $80k to get started on this one, and you need a net worth of around $300k. Overall, the investment could take up to $500k to get started. The franchise fee is also $35k, but there is financing assistance available. This is a popular shop with guests of all ages. They make great food, and it’s a top franchise option in Georgia to consider.

1. Allstate Insurance Company

If you want to be your own boss and get into the insurance business, then you might consider going with an Allstate franchise option because they are one of the best franchises in Georgia to go with. The minimum cash required here is $100k, but they’ve got a great reputation behind the name. Although there isn’t any financing assistance available, it still might be the right option for you if you have ever been attracted to a business opportunity involving insurance. Qualifications include needing to have prior ownership of a business or franchise, demonstrating skills in the way of budgeting, planning, daily operations etc. You also need to obtain state licenses for health insurance, life and property insurance etc, before you can get appointed by the company. It might take a great deal of time and effort to start your very own insurance company, and this route offers a quicker alternative.

Top Jobs in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia in the United States. The city holds a population of 5.9 million people and is a cultural and economic center. There are top-paying jobs that the citizens of Atlanta can apply for in the city. The highest-paying jobs are in the field of medicine, as discussed below:


The main role of these practitioners is to treat internal factors which affect internal organs including the kidney, stomach, and liver. Their procedures do not involve surgery, and their patients are mainly adults. The entry-level salary for these professionals starts at $180,190 and their average salary is at $268,350. 


This job involves both doctors and physicians whose main role is to treat injuries and diseases. Physicians mainly examine patients, examine their medical history, prescribe medication, and interpret diagnosis. Surgeons, on the other hand, are responsible for treating injuries such as tumors and broken bones. Both the physicians and doctors review test results, which aid them in identifying abnormal findings. They also recommend and design a treatment plan. The entry-level salary for surgeons starts at $163,030 and the average salary is at $266,600, which is second after the top job in Atlanta, the Internist profession. Physicians, on the other hand, have a starting salary of $140,960 and an average salary of $232,410. 


These professionals are tasked with providing care for mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. They also treat breast and cervical cancer. Their role involves treating and advising women during their pregnancy and when they deliver. The entry-level salary for these professionals is at $129,840, and the average salary is at $254,980.


They mainly deal with issues of mental health. Their role is to diagnose and treat mental illness through the provision of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and hospitalization. Through psychotherapy, they discuss the mental issues with patients to find out the appropriate medication for the patients. Behavioral patterns are used by a psychiatrist to track the condition of their patients, and may also involve their family members in the psychotherapy to determine the cause of the mental illness for the patient. The entry-level salary for a psychiatrist is at $125,620, and their average salary is at $221,980.

Family and general practitioners

Unlike the gynecologist and psychiatrist who have a specific group of patients, these practitioners treat the entire family. Their attention is on conditions that are experienced in everyday life. The practitioner has regular and long term patients. The entry-level salary for these practitioners starts at $75,530, and the average salary is at $210,290. 

Chief executives

Chief executive officers are tasked with developing strategies and policies with the aim of meeting the organization’s goals. Their roles include planning, directing, and coordinating operations in an organization. They are responsible for establishing organizational goals and policies. They also direct and oversee the financial and budgetary activities in the organization. They come out at number seven of the top jobs in Atlanta with a starting salary of $80,580 and an average salary of $199,950.
 The top-paying jobs in Atlanta are those in the field of medicine with the internist being at the top and the dentist coming at the ninth place in Atlanta.

Construction Companies in Atlanta

The best mode of investment in the current world is in the real estate sector, and more so in rentals such as offices, rental houses, and parking areas. Due to this trending investment idea, construction has moved to another level where quality and innovative ideas are considered much more desirable. 
However, if you are in Atlanta, Georgia and are looking for a reputable construction company for either a new building or for renovations, you should not have to look elsewhere since the best constructors are just at your doorstep. Below are some of the construction companies in Atlanta that you can rely on.

Brasfield and Gorrie.

This is one of the best privately-owned construction companies with over five hundred local employees. It is known for expertise in general construction, construction management services, and design building. The company has been operational for a long time; hence all the workers have excellent knowledge of construction and are also very experienced.

Choate Construction Company.

This is one of the most significant upcoming general contraction companies in southern Atlanta. Although it has not been operational for too long, it has a great reputation on both the local and international face. The company majors on all types of construction including renovations of different types.

DPR Hardin construction.

This is a general construction company that has a great reputation and has been ranked among the top fifty construction companies in the US. It has been related to some of the most outstanding construction jobs.

Oxblue Corporation.

This is one of the most transparent companies that allows the owners to invigilate the progress of their work for the entire construction period. It has been ranked one of the best construction companies to consider for quality construction that will fulfill your dreams.

Premier Surfaces.

This is one of the best companies when it comes to renovations and construction of bathrooms and kitchens. The company is known to use some of the best and most expensive imported stones that leave the building wonderful and durable.

Above are some of the best construction companies in Atlanta that you can hire or advise to someone who might be looking for one.

Georgia Police Struggles

Most people admire police officers and appreciate the benefits that come with the job because of the good salary, retirement benefits, and the general fitness and health witnessed in most police officers. However, the benefits are always attached to a price that includes a complicated hiring process and difficult academy training. 
Despite the fact that the Georgia police hiring process is very complicated, some people still make it, not knowing what it’s like to work in the police force for a day. Below are some of the common challenges that are faced by police officers in Georgia while in service.

Constant excuses.

Most people do not expect to be accountable for their mistakes, making it difficult for police officers to enforce laws. Most people will always be blaming others for mistakes that they have committed themselves; some will claim that they have committed a particular offense only because another person influenced it.


 Police put their lives on the front line to defend and save lives of citizens; however, some people will have a very negative attitude towards police officers, and their main aim is to hurt an officer either physically or emotionally. Sometimes it becomes too hard for some cops to take it.

Long working hours.

Policing is a job that has no official working hours or working days, yet they still find themselves working even on holidays and weekends. They are always patrolling on the streets at night and still on holidays. This lifestyle has a significant impact on their families, as some can go for days without seeing their loved ones. 

The stereotypes.

When an incident happens where police officers are involved with the media, the media will always portray the officers as gung ho head thumpers who deserve harsh action; however, some officers are compassionate and very smart when on their job.

The scrutiny.

No other profession is scrutinized like the police department. The citizens will always accuse police officers of the good and the bad they do to keep peace and order.
When you make your way into the Georgia Police forces, be ready to sacrifice a lot to make it in the department, but know that it always pays off.