person being handcuffed during arrest

Georgia Police Struggles

Most people admire police officers and appreciate the benefits that come with the job because of the good salary, retirement benefits, and the general fitness and health witnessed in most police officers. However, the benefits are always attached to a price that includes a complicated hiring process and difficult academy training. 
Despite the fact that the Georgia police hiring process is very complicated, some people still make it, not knowing what it’s like to work in the police force for a day. Below are some of the common challenges that are faced by police officers in Georgia while in service.

Constant excuses.

Most people do not expect to be accountable for their mistakes, making it difficult for police officers to enforce laws. Most people will always be blaming others for mistakes that they have committed themselves; some will claim that they have committed a particular offense only because another person influenced it.


 Police put their lives on the front line to defend and save lives of citizens; however, some people will have a very negative attitude towards police officers, and their main aim is to hurt an officer either physically or emotionally. Sometimes it becomes too hard for some cops to take it.

Long working hours.

Policing is a job that has no official working hours or working days, yet they still find themselves working even on holidays and weekends. They are always patrolling on the streets at night and still on holidays. This lifestyle has a significant impact on their families, as some can go for days without seeing their loved ones. 

The stereotypes.

When an incident happens where police officers are involved with the media, the media will always portray the officers as gung ho head thumpers who deserve harsh action; however, some officers are compassionate and very smart when on their job.

The scrutiny.

No other profession is scrutinized like the police department. The citizens will always accuse police officers of the good and the bad they do to keep peace and order.
When you make your way into the Georgia Police forces, be ready to sacrifice a lot to make it in the department, but know that it always pays off.

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