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Top Jobs in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia in the United States. The city holds a population of 5.9 million people and is a cultural and economic center. There are top-paying jobs that the citizens of Atlanta can apply for in the city. The highest-paying jobs are in the field of medicine, as discussed below:


The main role of these practitioners is to treat internal factors that affect internal organs including the kidney, stomach, and liver. Their procedures do not involve surgery, and their patients are mainly adults. The entry-level salary for these professionals starts at $180,190 and their average salary is $268,350. 


This job involves both doctors and physicians whose main role is to treat injuries and diseases. Physicians mainly examine patients, examine their medical history, prescribe medication, and interpret diagnosis. Surgeons, on the other hand, are responsible for treating injuries such as tumors and broken bones. Both the physicians and doctors review test results, which aid them in identifying abnormal findings. They also recommend and design a treatment plan. The entry-level salary for surgeons starts at $163,030 and the average salary is at $266,600, which is second after the top job in Atlanta, the Internist profession. Physicians, on the other hand, have a starting salary of $140,960 and an average salary of $232,410. 


These professionals are tasked with providing care for mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. They also treat breast and cervical cancer. Their role involves treating and advising women during their pregnancy and when they deliver. The entry-level salary for these professionals is at $129,840, and the average salary is at $254,980.


They mainly deal with issues of mental health. Their role is to diagnose and treat mental illness through the provision of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and hospitalization. Through psychotherapy, they discuss the mental issues with patients to find out the appropriate medication for the patients. Behavioral patterns are used by a psychiatrist to track the condition of their patients, and may also involve their family members in the psychotherapy to determine the cause of the mental illness for the patient. The entry-level salary for a psychiatrist is at $125,620, and their average salary is at $221,980.

Family and general practitioners

Unlike the gynecologist and psychiatrist who have a specific group of patients, these practitioners treat the entire family. Their attention is on conditions that are experienced in everyday life. The practitioner has regular and long term patients. The entry-level salary for these practitioners starts at $75,530, and the average salary is at $210,290. 

Chief executives

Chief executive officers are tasked with developing strategies and policies with the aim of meeting the organization’s goals. Their roles include planning, directing, and coordinating operations in an organization. They are responsible for establishing organizational goals and policies. They also direct and oversee the financial and budgetary activities in the organization. They come out at number seven of the top jobs in Atlanta with a starting salary of $80,580 and an average salary of $199,950.
 The top-paying jobs in Atlanta are those in the field of medicine with the internist being at the top and the dentist coming at the ninth place in Atlanta.

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